Nutri-Bites Cafeteria

Our Menu.​

Nutribites Offers a wide variety of selections. Fresh fruits, Mix and Match Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Fruit Shakes, Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes, Pasta and Soup, Vegetarian Green and Colorful Salads, Breads and Pastries, Soy Milk and Soy Coffee, Cold Desserts in daily staples in very affordable prices. Asian themed dishes such as Bibimbop, Vegetarian Sisig and Vegetarian Mongolian freshy made in front of you is also a must try. “Detectable and healthy rolled into one” – best describes the dishes served at the Nutribites Cafeteria.


Vegetarian Batchoy

No meat. Available every Mon, Wed, & Friday only (12:00NN – 5:00 PM)

Rice Bowls

Sizzling Tokwa Sisig

Vegetarian meal – no meat

Veggie Shawarma

Vegetarian meal – no meat


Vegetarian meal – no meat

Veggie Ala King

Vegetarian meal – no meat

Veggie Terriyaki

Vegetarian meal – no meat

Burger Steak

Vegetarian Burger patty-no meat

Combo Sets

Burger with Fries

Vegetarian Burger patty-no meat

Burger with Spaghetti

All Vegetarian-no meat


Vegetarian Siomai

Vegetarian Burger

Vegetarian Spaghetti

Garden Salad


Potato Fries

Fresh Juices

Calamansi 330ml

Carrot Mansi

Buko Juice (330ml)

Pure Apple-Carrot Juice

Fresh Beets Juice

Fresh Lemonade

Pure Pineapply-Beets-Cucumber

Pure Carrot Juice

Pure Pineapple-Cucumber-Malunggay

Pure Apple Juice