Data Privacy Note

Your personal data and privacy are important to us. Adventist Medical Cener-Bacolod assures all our patients and clients that your personal data will be handled properly and protected at all times.

As part of the health care service we provide, gathering personal information is necessary. We will be collecting personal information through this form. When properly and truthfully filled up, this information will help our health care professionals give the best possible health care service for you.

There may be instances when your personal information will be shared with government agencies and accredited private institutions for purposes of processing your health care benefits and health care assistance.

Your personal information is valuable to us; as such, we ensure that this is protected from possible threats, both online and offline. Adventist Medical Center- Bacolod has established the necessary technical, organizational and physical measures and employed trained personnel to ensure your data is safe and secured.

When your personal information is deemed to be no longer necessary- for the intended purposes for which it was obtained, we will dispose of it in a secure manner that would prevent it from further processing, unauthorized access, or disclosure.